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Your goal is to follow the sequence by touching each spot that lights. As you play in a round, the sequence gets longer and longer. You have limited time to repeat the sequence played. Can you advance through all the levels and reach the Magic Melody?


You can play the game in EASY, MEDIUM or HARD modes of difficulty. In each higher mode, the pace of the game is faster, making it harder to complete each round successfully.


In addition to the standard spots, there are special items in the game:


LOCKS: Wait until the Lock disappears to touch it! If the lock is part of the sequence, you'll have to wait to continue. Talk about pressure!


SKULLS: Don't touch the Skull! If you touch it, you'll lose a turn.


COINS: Touch the Gold Coins for extra points! Make sure you still complete the sequence in time.


QUESTION MARK: If you've forgotten the next object in the sequence, touch the Question Mark and get a hint! You only get one hint, but you can get the question mark back by touching it on a spot.


BOMB: Touch the Bomb before it explodes! If it explodes, you lose a turn.


HEART: Touch the Heart for an extra turn!


There are 14 LEVELS, with multiple rounds per level. Complete sequences successfully and avoid Locks, Skulls and Bombs to move onto the next level.


Indefinite Mode
Follow the longest sequence you can for bonus points. You'll be presented with one sequence that will grow (1, 1-2, 1-2-3...) until you incorrectly complete it.

Dare Mode
Follow as much of one long sequence (1-2-3-4-5-6-7...) as you can for bonus points.

  • Wait until LOCK disappears to touch!
  • If you touch a SKULL, you lose a turn!
  • Touch the GOLD for extra points!
  • Touch the QUESTION MARK and get a HINT!
  • Touch the BOMB before it explodes!
  • Touch the HEART for an extra turn!

"Play and Exercise Your Memory, Remelody!"

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